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Authorized Olympia Ice Resurfacer Dealer
CTM Services is proud to be the authorized Olympia Ice Resurfacer dealer covering Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. We provide on-site mobile service, emergency repair service and maintenance plans.
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CTM Services, Inc. Recommended Service Checklist
Annual preventive maintenance should be performed on every type of ice resurfacers to insure proper safety, operation, and reliability. Proper maintenance will help in the machines ability to make faster, more attractive ice, which will help sell ice time, reduce costly down time, and service calls for continued usage.

Fluid Checks
Check engine oil and top up when required.
Check transmission fluid and top up when required.
Check hydraulic fluid levels and top up when required.
Check engine coolant levels and top up when required.
Belt Checks
Check the alternator belt for cracks and wears.
Check hydraulic belt tension and adjust if necessary.

Lubricate all 25 lube points.
Change the ice shaving blade.

OR 120 HRS    Spray grease on the top link threads.
Check the tension of the conditioner motor drive chain making sure it has no more than a half inch play.
Spray grease on the motor drive chain of the conditioner.
Check the brake fluid level & top up if needed.
Check the tire pressure to ensure 65 PSI.
Change the oil and replace the oil filter every 150 hours to avoid costly engine repairs.

Grease entire unit.
Change hydraulic fluid.
Change front differential oil.
Change rear differential oil.
Change transfer case oil.
Wash unit
Get ready for storage

Spray all metal surfaces of the conditioner with penetrating oil.
Grease all the lube points.
Ensure the horizontal and vertical augers and all moving parts of the conditioner are covered with a film of oil.
Remove end caps of the flood pipes and flush with water (prevents erosion to the water system).
Drain and flush the water tanks.
Leave all the drains and valves open for storage.
Remove blades and clean.
Store blade in the wooden sheath.
Inspect the blade & sharpen if necessary.
Oil the blade holder on the conditioner.