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Authorized Olympia Ice Resurfacer Dealer
CTM Services is proud to be the authorized Olympia Ice Resurfacer dealer covering Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and Nebraska; providing sales of new, used and refurbished ice resurfacing equipment. We also provide On-site mobile service, and we are the dealer for original OEM repair parts.
Olympia Millennium
Millennium E
Icebear Electric
Clean Air, Clean Ice and saves you money
What Every Ice Resurfacer Should Be. The OLYMPIA Millennium-E
is all that and more. It's driven by four AC electric wheel motors.
The cost of operating an OLYMPIA Millennium-E is one tenth of
the cost of a standard propane or natural gas ice resurfacer. Its stainless steel chassis and conditioner last twice as long. You get over twice the number of ice resurfacings per charge as the nearest competitor using the same amount of charging time and energy cost.

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Copyright 2011  CTM Services, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

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